Download Clash of clans hack


With gold , you can buy and upgrade walls , cannons , mortars , archers towers and other defensive weapons .  With the elixir , you can train troops to be used in the attacks .

To get gold, you need to install, build or mine gold , but also need to install the storage tank gold, where all gold making and stealing the opponents will be saved .

To get elixir, you need to install the collectors and the storage tank elixir elixir , which will be saved and all elixir that makes stealing the opponents .

A really important detail , the ability of collectors and warehouses is limited , but you can increase it upgrading  them.It is important to keep updating the limits of your warehouses and buildings so they never reach their maximum capacity To update , enhance any installation, just click on it and choose the option , but only if you have enough resources to do so. The Cannon is the first line of defense of your clan



Now that you have some important resources , begin to build your defenses , positioning the cannons , towers and archers mortar. But all this is only possible if you have a good amount of gold . So have patience to build up the necessary reserves. you can always choose between waiting to complete their tasks or even decide to speed up the whole process. Each of the tasks you want to perform, has a progress bar that will indicate the time remaining to complete it.It usually takes more time as the level of your buildings are getting higher and higher.For instance, at level 1 they are using really quick and should not take more than a couple minutes to be completed, but once you are on the big levels expect never elss than a couple hours and even days when you are really up. This can be annoying for you but there is always a chance for you to try the clash of clans hack , which will allow you to build that one building in just a few seconds, making you save some precious time.The hack is free to use and you can use it whenever you want or just for the buildings just so you do not have to wait that really high amount of time to have it completed. Enjoy the fast buildings with the new hack.